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Shops in Tamil Quarters-Pondicherry Shopping Guide

Starkly different from the French quarters (also called White Town) is the Tamil quarters that resembles those in any south Indian towns. Shops in Tamil Quarters are crowded and chaotic with a lot of activity and traffic at all times of the day. The names of the streets and roads are also typically Indian as against the French names in the French quarters.

The houses in this part of town have a characteristic small sit out or verandah in the front. Very different from the houses in the French quarters that have high ceilings with no verandahs. There are several well known temples in the Tamil quarters.

Auroville shops in Pondicherry

The shops in Tamil Quarters Pondicherry here are typically owned by locals. Shops like Kalki and La Boutque stock exclusive Auroville products. Casablanca is the most popular department store. Hidesign, which is very well known for its leather bags is in this part of town. The MG (Mahatma Gandhi )Road, JN (Jawaharlal Nehru) street and Ambalatadyar Madam street are the prominent streets for shopping in Pondicherry. Ananda Bhavan is a famous restaurant.

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