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Kolkata Shopping Guide -Russel Street

Russel street and Park Street – Chowringhee in Kolkata. The central part of Kolkata near the Miadan is Chowringhe. The Shakespaere Sarai, Ho Chi Minh Road, Park Street and Russel street are in this neighbourhood.

Russel Street was named after Henry Russel, who was the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court from 1806 to 1813. It is now renamed as Anandi Lal Podaar Sarai. The famous Park Street is closeby. Russel Street is right behind Bengal Club. The popular Bengal Club was the residence of Thomas Babington Macaulay.

This street is a long street  with several shops and restaurants today. Good Companion & Ananda Sarees are popular shops in this street.

The Ballygunje  railway station and the Dhakuria railway station are the nearest railway stations to Russel Street & Park Street.



Days Closed :- Sunday

Timing :- 10. 30 am to 7.30 pm

Bus/Metro :- Park Street bus stop/Russel street bus stop.