Best Shops in Kolkata for Bridal Wear

Benarasi Kuthi in Gariahat is one of the famous hotspots of the choicest collections of sarees. A shopping paradise, the store specializes in a whole range of sarees right from Banarasi silks, Kanchivarams, Chanderis, Dhakais, Dhakai Jamdaanis, Knatha Stitch, Bomkais, Kataan Silk, Tnaat, Balucharis, Ikkats, Mysore Silks, Mangalgiris, Narayanpets, Matka Silks, Tassar Silks, and even Mekhla sarees.

What’s unique about the Baluchari silk saree is the way scenes from epics like the Ramayana and the Mahabharata are beautifully delineated in the pallu of the saree. At times, gold and silver threads are also used in the embroidery work which gives these sarees a royal look and feel.

If you want to go saree shopping with the best of designs without compromising with the quality, Benarasi Kuthi is where you should be heading for.

They also stock printed and embroidered dress materials. While shopping from this store, you need not worry about stitching of the fall of the sarees and the underlying netting for some of the more delicate sarees. All this is done in the store without any additional cost.

On top of that, they offer a lifetime service to take care of Banarasi sarees purchased at this store.