What is Zardozi

The word “Zari” refers to gold thread and zardozi embroidery is the glitteringly ornate, heavily encrusted gold thread work on fabrics. Traditionally, silver wire coated/plated with gold, silk threads, beads and stones was used for zardozi embroidery.

Shops Available at Delhi:-OP Jawaharlal, Ritu Kumar, Frontier Raas

Available at Chennai:-Kay, Moksha 

Available at Bangalore:-Deepam

Available at Jaipur:-Zari, Vasansi

The History

This kind of embroidery has been practised in India and Persia since centuries. The clothes of the royalty, their tents, their elephants and horses were adorned with heavily embroidered silver and gold thread work. This has been a long standing practice which is well documented in the paintings and images of that period.

Zar means gold & dozi means embroidery in Persian. Today, a majority of the bridal lehengas and bridal wear dresses in India incorporate zardozi work.

Zardozi Designs

This is a painstaking embroidery work. The designs are sketched on the stain, velvet, georgetee or silk fabric. The fabric is placed on a wooden framework. The craftsperson sits on the floor around the wooden framework or adda and work with needles, sequins, gold wires and silver threads. The designs are intricate and the number of pieces used to enhance and differentiate the work is what makes each piece unique.

Zardozi is elaborately used by designers in their creations.

Some of the shops where this kind of work is available are:-