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Designer Khadi Wear in Delhi

Paris haute couture at your doorstep When you visit Paris the next time, check out Bess Nielsen’s store called Khadi & Co for fashionable khadi dresses.

When you are back in India, visit the Shahpur Jat Market in Delhi and buy the most modern Khadi outfits from Sutasta. Sutasta is a small shop displaying chic & stylish khadi outfts.

Khadi – The Fabric

Khadi, the main fabric, is sourced from Bihar. It has a matte like texture and is soft and sturdy. According to Rohini, the owner of this store, she finds great beauty in hand spun khadi, saying, it is versatile enough to pass that most basic textile test, that of being climate adaptable. Khadi fabric keeps you cool in summer and warm in winters. Sutasta –The word Sutasta means  “well fashioned”  in Sanskrit.

Khadi Dresses in Shah Jat Market

Khadi has found its niche in the fashion world today. Sutasta has contemporary designer wear dresses in Khadi. These outfits in Sutasta speak volumes about the individuality of the designer. They are made out of different variations of Khadi like Bafda, Muslin, Jharna and Matka. The one-piece dress made of muslin khadi with colourful striped asymmetrical yoke are really innovative. Wear them to an afternoon summer party and you will stand out by a long mile. There are A-line dresses in pure khadi in mustard yellow, beige, grey and blue colours and in striking designs. We particularly liked the ones that were finished with long bell sleeves. The western wear one-piece dresses can be paired with churidar and worn as an ethnic dress or as a stylish one-piece dress. The average cost would be Rs. 4500/piece.

Khadi Tunics with Madhubani Paintings

We came across white tunics with Madhubani paintings done on them. They are unique and very distinctive. ‘Madhubani painting is an age old folk art of Mithila region of Bihar. It is done with brushes or nib-pens, using fabric coloursni painting on the sleeves, on the borders, on the panels are very stylish. Green and blue tunics with these paintings, ex- Radha Krishna motif on the pockets and sleeves look very smart & casual. The price is Rs. 4000-Rs 5000/piece, for the tunics. Madhubani art on the dresses is hand painted by local artists.

Khadi Jackets

Khadi jacket – Summer jackets inadhubani painting that can be paired with dresses like jumpsuits, one-piece dresses or even a tees and shorts are super smart.

Khadi Bottom Wear

In terms of bottom wear, there are palazzo pants, muslin pants and drop crotch trousers, that are available here.

Dupattas in Shahpur Jat

We came across some really interesting dupattas in khadi silk that were hand painted with Madhubani motifs in black and white colours. Scenes from a marriage procession, a fish & flower motif or morning prayer rituainted on these dupattas. They cost Rs. 6000/piece. Sutasta can customise your creations with intricate Madhubani paintings on them.

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