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Purbasha –Tripura Emporium

Tripura is a tiny State in India in the North East ,bordering Bangladesh. The population mainly consists of hilly and tribal people.The Tripura State shopping Emporium in Baba Kharak Singh Marg Delhi is called Purbasha. Purbasha stocks a variety of products as also furniture made from cane and bamboo. There are baskets, table mats and runners , trays, stools ,chairs and tables, all made from cane or bamboo .There are a few pieces on the ground floor and several other pieces on the basement floor . In addition, they have a great range of sarees and fabrics at very reasonable prices. They stock Jamdani /Tant sarees. The Tant is the one of the finest forms of handloom products originally from West Bengal . The sari is woven from cotton and is very famous for its lightness and transparency. Jamdani weaving is a rich intricate and traditional work on cotton or fine cotton (muslin) . Today ,Jamdani saris are available in cotton, pure silk and tussar silk. Daccai (Dhakai)Jamdani saris are distinct from other varieties due to their very fine texture and their elaborate and ornate workmanship. The saris are elegant,simple & affordable . Tant cotton saris with gold zari work are around Rs 2000 a piece . The saris are in very light shades such as beige, off white, pink & yellow. If you are looking for original Bengali Tant saris then this emporium is one of the best shops in Delhi. For reviews of more such Delhi shop reviews, check out Shopkhoj!
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Rajasthali – Rajasthan Government Emporium

The state emporium of Rajasthan, Rajasthali is a treat for visitors. They have an amazing variety of handicrafts, sculptures and art work. Makrana (a place in Nagaur district of Rajasthan State where milky white stone is mined) marble statues are a big attraction. The intricate and ornamental marble work has earned Rajasthan a rightful preeminent place in this art form . It is not unusual to find marble work with gold embossing. Fine filigree and trellis work adorn marble pillars, furniture, figurines and tableware. Elephant shaped pieces in makrana, meenakari (enamelling) and wood are very attractive. A pair of huge marble elephants would cost Rs. 2.5 lakh. But not to despair, there are affordable miniatures as well! Another attraction is the blue pottery from Jaipur: vases, ashtrays, plates and tiles that are totally besotting. Camel leather shoes and jootis are popular and so are the low slung foldable chairs, chowkis or bajots (very low tables, often used for religious purposes) jhoolas (swings) and puja mandaps (pedestals for worship) – all made from wood and painted in vibrant colours. Miniature paintings on camel bones and paper which narrate tales from the royal past of the Shekhawati region are famous and cost around Rs. 8,000 per piece. Check out the wide range of saris in cotton, chiffon, georgette and silk and sporting different names, depending on their place of origin or method of creation. You have Sanganeri, Bagru, Barmeri, Khari, Leheria, Zari Kota Doria, Mothda, Bandhej, they are all available. Also, make sure you pick up the light weight Jaipuri quilt (razai) , with cotton block prints. This eco-friendly comforter is a must have.
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Delhi Shopping Places – State Emporium in CP

The State Emporium in  CP comprising arts and handicrafts emporia,  was set up in the 1950s.  At first It is a one-stop tour of the amazing variety and sheer diversity of handicrafts from the various States of India. The State Emporia Complex on Baba Kharak Singh Marg will entice you into spending both time and money on things that you will cherish for life. You will  certainly be amazed by the exquisite crafts, textiles and jewellery on display. As compared to other shops in Delhi, the State Emporia stocks some of the best Indian  handicraft products.

Kashmiri Carpets in the State Emporium in CP

Most of the emporia bear attractive names, suggestive of the main attribute of the particular Indian State that they represent. Zoon, the Jammu and Kashmir Emporium, will surely floor you with carpets and shawls.

In addition, they have a great collection of papier mache products and Kashmiri jewellery.

Cauvery-Karnataka Emporium

Cauvery, the Karnataka Emporium, showcases elegant Mysore silks  fabrics and sandalwood products.  Further, Rosewood furniture is also available here.

Poompuhar, the Tamil Nadu emporium, boasts of bronze statues and  brass idols.

Gurjari -State Emporium in CP

Gurjari, the Gujarat Emporium, is good for printed cottons, miniature paintings and jewellery. Colourfully painted stools and swings, colourful fabric bird door hangings are some of the noteworthy products in the store . Further, they stock beautiful Patola sarees and semi stitched salwar suits.

Rajasthali- State Emporium in CP

Rajasthali, the Rajasthan Emporium, is full of colourful handicrafts and unique furniture. Bangles, Bandhej and Leheriya sarees ,blue pottery and  marble miniatures are popular in the Rajasthani Emporium.

Amrapali Emporium

If you are looking for Madhubani paintings, Amrapali, the Bihar Emporium, is where you should head. They probably have a good  stock of Madhubani paintings.

Utkalika – Odisha Emporium

There are others like Utkalika (Odisha) for beautiful silk and cotton sarees ,brass idols and stone sculptures.

Gangotri (Uttar Pradesh), where one can pick up chikankari sarees and suits and miniature Taj Mahal.

Mriganayani (Madhya Pradesh), known for Chanderi sarees.

Purbasha & Tripura Emporium

The State Emporium in CP of the North Eastern States are worth visiting as well.

Purbasha, the Tripura Emporium, is stacked with awesome cane and bamboo furniture. In addition, Assam silk products like Muga silk & ends silk is available here.

West Bengal Manjusha Emporium

Manjusha, the West Bengal emporium will spoil you for choice with Batik, Kantha, Baluchari, Swarnachari, Tant, Dhakai, Jamdhani, Tangail, Dhoneokali, Shantipuri, Begumpuri, Korial, and Garad sarees. These are not just names; they represent different weaving traditions, embroidery styles, designs and so on. This is certainly one of the best places to shop for sarees in Delhi.

Kamala & Moha

Finally, The Rajiv Gandhi Handicrafts Bhavan is next to the emporia complex and shops here sell books, crafts and paper products. The Kamala Crafts Shop, located here is promoted by The Crafts Council of India and Moha is another interesting shop that specialises rural handicrafts. Other shops that sell costume jewellery and rural handicrafts are also attractive.

We therefore recommend a trip to the State Emporium in CP

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