Best Shops in Delhi for Imitation Jewellery

Imitation jewellery or artificial jewellery or costume jewellery refers to accessories that are an imitation of real gold and diamond jewellery but made using inexpensive metal and gemstones.

Artificial jewellery has become far more popular among women than real jewellery. The impressive designs and the range of jewellery that is available in the market is simply outstanding. They look exactly like real jewellery and in fact there are a lot more designs available in imitation jewellery. Hence, it is easier to have a selection of jewellery that matches with a variety of clothes.

Amrapali and Fab India are two established shops that have a fantastic range of imitation jewellery.

Gold and diamond ornaments are very expensive. They are considered as an investment. Artificial jewellery, on the other hand are inexpensive. Women do not mind spending on it.

Imitation jewelry makes experimentation possible with a plethora of designs and styles. Thanks to the advent of new technologies, methods and techniques, imitation jewelry is now at par with fine jewellery in terms of beauty and appeal. The manufacturing techniques have also been perfected by several established jewellery houses.

Tribal designs and materials also figure in the making of imitation jewellery. Small boutique shops and jewellery designers now have an option to showcase their jewellery to an evolving and eager market. The online market places such as Amazon & Flipkart have contributed significantly to the imitation jewellery market.