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Banarsi and Kanjivaram are pure silk made from cocoons. They are soft silk fabrics. Tussar silk is a rough silk and manufactured in Bihar. Kanjivaram silk is woven in the town of Kanjivaram near Chennai.

Banarsi silk is woven in Banares near Kolkata. Chanderi silk is a sheer variety of fabric manufactured in Chanderi, a town in Madhya Pradesh. Bandhej & Bandhni are tie & dye fabrics form Rajasthan. Patola is a form of Ikaat made in Gujarat. Paithani saris are woven in Mahrashtra. Jamdani saris are woven in West Bengal. Chikan work is thread embroidery done in Uttar Pradesh.


As is evident from the above, India is rich in Textiles. Each State in India manufactures textiles that are very distinct.