Cottage Arts Emporium

Market :-

Products :- Carpets  Gifts and Handicrafts  

Days Closed :- All days open

Timing :- 8:30am-9:30pm

Phone :- +91 4424661951/24661959/24661960

Address :- 55/29, TTK Road, Alwarpet, Chennai-600018

Landmark :- Udhi eye hospital

Parking :- Road side parking

Bus/Metro :- Alwarpet signal bus stop

Price Range :- Wide range

Payment Methods :- Cash and Card

Chennai Handicraft Shop for Carpets and Brass Idols

Kashmiri Carpets in Chennai – Shopping in Chennai for North Indian carpets & handicrafts is just getting better. This Chennai shop has a great collection of carpets from all over India. The Cottage Arts Emporium has carpets, shawls and garments from Kashmir displayed in the ground floor.

Brass & Bronze Handicrafts@Cottage Arts Emporium

However, it is the basement floor that holds the real treasure. Brass and bronze sculptures in several sizes and of various deities are displayed all around. The brass artefacts and lighter and are crafted in Madurai. Bronze is heavier. Kumbakonam is where bronze sculptures are sculpted.

Sandalwood and Camel Bone Artefacts@Cottage Arts Emporium

These pieces are crafted in Madurai in South India.In addition, there are sandalwood handicrafts from Karnataka, Camel bone artefacts from Rajasthan and green stone figurines from Orissa on display . Articles from Ladakh, that are used for religious and domestic purposes are on display too. They are made by using copper,silver and brass. You can also find tea pots, hookkah-bases, ladles and bowls here.

The owners have been in the handicrafts business for more than a decade and have their own manufacturing units .They have showooms in Madurai, Tanjore as well.

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Srushti The Handicrafts Emporium

Srushti-The Handicrafts Emporium,Chennai The The Tamil Nadu Handicrafts Artisans Welfare Association was formed by several craftsmen. This Association is instrumental in establishing Srushti-The Handicrafts Emporium ,Chennai.It is a noteworthy accomplishment . Srushti is in the main road in Nandanam. In fact,some of the huge statues in brass, bronze and wood can be seen displayed outside the shop as you drive past. Brass handicraft Srushti-The Handicrafts Emporium ,Chennai, is engaged in exporting and supplying brass and bronze handicraft and handicrafts made of semi-precious stones. It was established in the year 2000. Brass lamps, plates and bowls are very typical handicraft pieces in Chennai.Take the lamps for instance .They are typically oil lamps that work with oil and a wick. The simple lamps are made interesting by making it a hanging lamp.As a result, they are aesthetically wonderful.Furthermore, there are lamps that are perched on an elephant head or a peacock. Hence, they look innovative and decorative . Lamps can be just 3″ to 4″ or 3′ to 6′ in height. Each lamp is shaped differently. Lighting a lamp in individual homes is considered auspicious. On festival days oil lamps are customary . There are brass candle stands that are also available in this shop. Tanjore Paintings There is an impressive collection of Tanjore paintings in Srushti. Tanjore paintings are done with gold leaf and semi precious stones. The gold leaf and the stones are pasted on the painting Typically ,gods and goddesses are the subject matter of the painting. The Tanjore paintings come in different sizes. Some are 6′ in height. Bronze handicraft The inner room has a good collection of bronze figurines. The sculptures of lord Ganesha playing the various musical instruments and female deities with dance postures are some of the rare and interesting pieces. In addition ,they also have 6’ and 7’ wood panels that are intricately carved with mythological figures. These wood panels can be used in the verandah & inside homes as well. Srushti-The Handicrafts Emporium ,Chennai is one of the best shops for brass and wooden handicrafts in Chennai.
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