Best Shops in Chennai for Silver jewellery


Amrapali in Nungambakkam ,Chennai If you are shopping in Chennai for jewellery, Amrapali in Nungambakkam ,Chennai is a store that you should not miss. It is a visual treat to walk into the Amrapali shop. Amrapali Jaipur Firstly ,Amrapali is a known and trusted jewellery brand that was founded in 1978 by Rajiv Arora and Rajesh Ajmera in Jaipur. While the Amrapali shop has been in Chennai for a decade or more ,this is the first time that they have opened a stand alone shop in Khadar Nawaz Khan (KNK) Road in Nungambakkam. Furthermore ,KNK Road has some of the best shops for designer wear dresses, bridal lehengas and cotton casuals in Chennai. International Designs Amrapali has both international and Indian designers who work on designing their jewellery pieces. This is especially evident in the collection that ison display . It is distinctly different when compared to South Indian jewellery that is found in several other Chennai jewellery shops, where there is typically a lot of emphasis on pure gold jewellery , gold with rubies or other gem stones . These jewellery shops stock a collection of necklaces and other jewellery pieces with traditional designs. There would typically be several necklaces , bangles and bracelets with the same design. As a result , Amrapali presents a refreshing change. It is especially suitable for the modern woman who wishes to embrace a new look and breakaway from traditional Indian jewellery. It has a collection of rubies ,emeralds , sapphire and pearl set is pure gold . Each piece is distinct and unique. There are long necklaces as well as the choker type necklaces with polki ( uncut diamonds). They stock kadas , rings and earrings in some new designs . What sets this store apart is that each piece is styled & designed differently . There are no two pieces alike. They all look stunning & grand . silver jewellery In addition, on the first floor is a collection of silver jewellery & silver dipped in gold jewellery. For women who prefer lighter jewellery to pair with western dresses , this collection would be very appropriate. While they do have traditional designs , there are many jewellery pieces that could be paired with casual western wear or ethnic Indian dresses as well. Amrapali in Nungambakkam ,Chennai is one of the best shops for jewellery in Chennai although the showroom is quite small when compared to the typically large gold and diamond shops in Chennai.
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If you are a Delhiite, you have most likely heard about the famous Dariba kalan of Chandni Chowk. The 17th century market lane is simply loved for its wide array of silver stores, with an even wider variety of silver offerings.

But if are visiting Chennai, you may surf through popular stores like Sukra Silver, Ranee’s, and Amrapali.

Mylapore-based Sukra Silver, for instance, will not  fail to impress you with their exquisite designs. You will certainly agree that their range of gift items in pure silver including fruit bowls, dinner sets, and trays are pretty high on craftsmanship.

Moreover, the attractively showcased oil lamps in different sizes, candle and incense holders, flower baskets, silver trays and silver cups are simply breathtaking.

They also stock temple jewellery in different range, with necklaces priced at Rs. 12,500 per piece to headsets that beautify dancers at Rs. 9,000 each. They have silver anklets with a starting price of Rs. 3,000.

Furthermore, their collection of silver earrings, pendants and silver sets with antique polish may surely find a distinct place in your jewelry collection. They cost around Rs 1,000 per piece.

The store is mostly visited by Bharatnatyam dancers for the purchase of Temple jewellery.