Hee Mumbai Majhi: 10 Vintage Mumbai Shopping Street Photos

Photo Feature: Hee Mumbai Majhi: 10 vintage Mumbai shopping street photos

We are very pleased  to be a part of Mumbai’s vibrant shopping scene adding our little bit to make the experience better. For the Mumbaikar who is used to running  around   through out the day, time is a very precious commodity , one that cannot be wasted in the wrong shops bargaining over products which may be available at much better prices elsewhere.

However, was the Mumbai shopping scene always so vibrant?  Perhaps not, if one were to look at  photographs of some vintage Mumbai shops & shopping streets.

Here’s a look at Vintage Mumbai… or Bombay from the yesteryears

1. A Bombay (Mumbai) Drygoods Store – c1920’s

Source: Old Indian Photos

2. Chor Bazar

Source: Old Indian Photos

3. A ‘busy’ street of Bombay

Source: Old Indian Photos

4. The Cotton Market of Bombay (1855-1862)

Source: Old Indian Photos

5. Borah Bazaar Street, Bombay – 1875

Source: Museum of Photographic Art s / Flickr

6. Grain Sellers Shop at Bombay – 1873

Source: Old Indian Photos

7. Indian Young Nationalist Affixing a Boycott Sign, to a Foreign Cart in the Streets of Bombay – 1930

Source: Old Indian Photos

8. Street Barber of Bombay (Mumbai)

Source: Old Indian Photos

9. Street Scene of Bombay (Mumbai)

Source: Old Indian Photos

10. Crawford Market Bombay


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