Modern Women Shop for Jewellery in Arnav, Bangalore

Jewellery Store in Jayanagar

I would highly recommend Arnav, the jewellery store in Jayanagar to anyone visiting Bengaluru.

Arnav is a boutique jewellery store that opened thirteen years ago and has become increasingly popular among Bangaloreans. They have a great selection of diamond and gold jewelry set in unique designs. So if you are looking for traditional necklaces, mangalsutras & chains or pendants, bangles, earrings and rings in modern designs then Arnav has a great selection. In addition, they also stock heavy jewelry like “Kamarband“ (Waist Band) , “Baju Band” (Armlets) and Temple jewellery .

Arnav is also known for redesigning old heirloom jewelry into very wearable pieces that have a modern look. Fresh water pearls, green agate, rubies and diamonds are crafted alongside gold and diamond to give a completely new and interesting look and feel to the jewelry. Lots of young, modern women shop here.

Gold plated silver and silver jewellery, known as “Chimala”, are very reasonably priced and make for the best gift items.

This shop offers jewelry from Rs 5000 onwards and every piece is BIS marked. The shop is also certified by the GIA. (International Gemological Institute) So you can rest assured of the quality.

They are soon opening a new branch in Koramangla and they have a great online presence too. So the next time you visit Bengaluru, remember to shop at ‘Arnav’.

Contributed by Usha Shinde, Bengaluru.

Arnav Design Studio
New No.17,Old No.251, 9th Main, 2nd Jayanagar,
Opp Govt Nursing Home,
Karnataka 560011
Tel:-099860 01216


Image Courtsey:- Arnav Jewelry

Usha Shende

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