A New Pair of Shoes Can Change Your Life. Just Ask Cinderella

Shoe Styles

Firstly, in the 70’s and early 80’s BATA was the only known shoe shop in several Indian cities and towns. The only Shoe styles available in the Indian market were slippers, flip flops, school shoes and a couple of  formal leather shoes for men. Luxury footwear was a real luxury then. Only foreigners & NRIs wore fashionable footwear.

Just Ask CinderellaAir hostesses and film stars were  the only few women who could afford stylish footwear. One wore the same pair of sandals to work, to parties and to a wedding.

Fast forward to 2018. An average working woman has more than one pair of  footwear. It is important to match the footwear with the dress one is wearing. Young women prefer to spend a lot of time selecting the right footwear and are prepared to spend money on stylish footwear.

Indian footwear shops such as MetroVenus Steps and BATA have introduced very stylish footwear in the past decade.

International Footwear Brands in India

Several international footwear brands have opened their branches in India. ClarksSteve Madden and Aldo are a few of these. Shoes, sandals & boots are all available online on Myntra, Flipkart & Amazon. When selecting footwear, the occasion for which the footwear is being worn is important.

Wedges, Sandals, Heels – Can you tell the difference?

Shoe Styles



Slippers are just flat open slip on footwear that have a toe hold. Slippers come in several designs too.

Best suited for Indian ethnic wear.


jooti fro ladies

Indian jootis are closed flat shoes made of camel leather. There is a lot of embroidery and work done on them.

Best suited for Indian ethnic wear



Wedges are high heels that have a raised platform from the toe to the heel. They are more comfortable than pencil heels.

Best suited with capris or slim leg trousers.



Lightweight ladies sandals allow your feet to breathe. They come with thin straps and buckles. They are ideal for summer wear and look stylish. There are sandals with pencil heels and sandals with shorter heels.

Best suited for both western wear and Indian ethnic wear



Ballerinas or ballet pumps are flat soled shoes. Easy to slip on and slip off and are everyday wear.  The dancers who dance the ballet, the ballerinas, wear these kind of flat soled pointed shoes for dancing. Hence the name.

Best suited for Indian ethnic wear and western casual wear



Brogues are similar to ballerina flats. They are more formal in black or brown colors.

Best suited for both casual & formal wear 



A more formal open shoe that has little heels is called ladies mules. They give more support to the feet than flip flops. One can easily slip it on and off.

Best suited for western wear wear & Indian ethnic wear



Court shoes have medium height heels & a pointed toe. They can work well with formal western office wear. They come in various colors.

Best suited for skirts & trousers.



Heels are dress shoes, occasion shoes & party wear shoes. They look more sophisticated & elegant.

Long thin pencil wear heels are best suited for gowns and western wear.



Ankle boots are stylish short boots that go up to the ankle. They are fully covered shoes.

Chelsea boots are  similar to ankle boots except  that they have elastic on the sides. The name comes from Chelsea locality in London.

Calf boots are ideal for the winter Calf length boots will help in the wet & cold mud.

Best suited for winter wear with jeans & trousers



Wellies are shoes for the outdoors and wet grass to protect the feet. They come up somewhere below the knee.

Best suited for cold weather and rainy days.

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