Best Shops in Bangalore for Silver jewellery

Angadi Silks

Kanjivaram saris in Angadi silks Shopping in Bangalore for sarees should definitely include a visit to Angadi Silks in the Jaynagar Shopping Market . Seven generations of the family have been running this Bangalore store. Jaynagar is a popular shopping market in Bangalore . Angadi Silks is located in a broad avenue in Jayanagar. Parking is not a concern as compare to other shops in this market. Angadi Silks comes highly recommended for Kanjivaram sarees, Gadwal sarees and Benarsi sarees. They have their own manufacturing & designing unit. Hence, their sarees are very distinct . First of all as you enter this spacious shop , you will be greeted by very knowledgeable & friendly staff . The shop has several pictures and exhibits which trace the history behind the Angadi shop and the history of sarees and their origins as well. Kanjivaram Sarees The ground floor has a collection of Kanjivaram (pattu )sarees. The sarees are simple & yet sophisticated . The Kanjivaram silk sarees are available in plain dark colours with and without gold zari borders. There are sarees with self designs and in a variety of colour combinations . The peacock blue, the parrot green ,the mango yellow , the lotus pink and the crimson red are some popular colours in the Kanjivaram saris in Angadi Silks . Some saris have checks, vertical or horizontal lines as designs . Some have distinct floral patterns . Explore and make your choice . Angadi Silks brings out new collections every month almost. That is what makes the collection so interesting . Simple sarees to special Angadi designed sarees in a price range between Rs 5000 to Rs 50000 a piece are on offer . Other Varieties of Sarees The 2nd floor has Benarsi silk sarees, vulculum, tanchoi, jamdani, jacquard , and benares georgette sarees. Gadwal sarees form Andhra Pradesh in cotton, silk and cotton mix, Ikkat, Pochampally, Patola, Gadchola sarees are all available on the 2nd floor. While the saree fabrics are sourced form various States, the designs are indigenous. Finally, the 3rd floor has more varieties of causal wear sarees. As a result this is one of the best shops for traditional sarees in Bangalore.
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Indian women are quite fond of gold and diamond jewellery. But that doesn’t diminish the importance of ornaments made of silver in any possible way. In fact, ornaments made of silver, such as rings, bracelets, chains, necklaces, nose rings, earrings, and armlets are fashionable and affordable accessories.

Moreover, there are many health benefits of wearing silver jewellery too. Silver ornaments not only make you look more beautiful, but also help you remain hale and hearty.

Let’s see what Bangalore has to offer to silver jewellery lovers.  Arnav – Jewellery Store in Jayanagar has a great collection of gold plated silver and silver jewelry, known as “Chimala”. They are very reasonably priced.

They also satisfy customers with their diamond and gold jewellery sets available in unique designs. Arnav is popular for redesigning old heirloom jewelry into very wearable trendy pieces. The jewellery at this boutique shop is BIS marked.

GRT Jewellers is another well-known shop in Jayanagar. They stock beautiful earrings, bangles, chains, necklaces and other traditional jewellery such as waist bands and amulets made of silver. It is a visual treat to walk through the store. The variety of contemporary as well as ethnic designs at this store will certainly leave you wanting for more!