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Giri Trading

When visiting the Kapaleeshwara Temple in the Mylapore Shopping Market in Chennai ,make sure you stop by at Giri Trading .You could be interested to buy an aarthi plate ( Aarti is performed after setting fire to camphor usually as the last step of puja- .WIKI ) a brass lamp or a brass idol . South India is well known for its brass & bronze handicrafts. Brass and Bronze decorative Items Situated right outside the Kapalishwara temple precincts, the location of Giri Trading shop is unbeatable. This is a hugely popular Chennai shop for products that are used in everyday household worship. This is a four storied building with a vast collection of items that will astonish even the most ardent devotees. Brass lamps in a variety of shapes and sizes are displayed very prominently. Lighting oil lamps is a widely prevalent practice in South India. Incense sticks, agarbathis, kumkum, sandal powder, mehendi (hand coloring), paper garlands, Kolam( floor design) stickers and all that you can ever think of are available here .The first floor has idols of Indian deities ,gifts and decorative items in brass . The prices range from Rs 2000 to Rs 5000 per piece. Hanging lamps, standing lamps in very artistic shapes, bells and conches are very cultural and also appealing. They have a whole floor dedicated to religious texts and mythology books and comics for children. The fourth floor is dedicated to music cassettes. Recordings of the Vedas (ancient Hindu scriptures), and traditional and devotional songs in Tamil and other Indian languages can be found here. This is a one stop shop for shopping in Chennai for religious products.
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Chennai Shopping Guide – Mylapore Shops

Mayil means peacock in Tamil language. Mylapore got its name from the cooing noises of the peacocks which used to frequent this area. At first, it was a trading port in India. The Portuguese were the first settlers in this port.The British occupied this area thereafter. The seventh-century Kapaleeshwara Temple, the Santhome Basilica and the Ramakrishna Mutt are places of religious importance. St.Thomas the apostle is said to have died here in 72 AD. Hence, the Santhome Basilica is named after him.

It is also regarded as the birthplace of the Tamil poet and saint, Thiruvalluvar. He is one of the icons of Tamil literature.

Mylapore Shops – Street Shopping

Mylapore is known for its cultural and religious heritage. The Kapaleeshwara temple has a famous tank and shops lined on all four sides of the tank. The shops sell everything from spices (Ambika Applam Depot), utensils, jewellery, garments to books & toys. There are dozens of street vendors who sell bangles, flowers, fruits and other small items. Bargaining is allowed and practiced here. It is noisy and crowded especially in the evening. However, the smell of jasmine flowers, the sound of the Temple bells and the sight of the Temple tank is an experience not to be missed.

Shopping near the Mylapore tank is a quintessential Chennai shopping experience as compared to shopping in Chennai Malls.

Golu Dolls (painted mud dolls) for Navratri can be found in streets surrounding the tank known as Madavedhi. Hence, the street is crowded during the Navaratri festival.

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Silk Sarees Mylapore Shops

Rasi Silks, which is a very well known and is a popular shop, is best known for beautiful silk sarees known as Kanjivaram pattu sarees, scarves and Tanjore paintings. In addition, It is one of the best known shops for bridal wear sarees.

Furthermore, Shrinivas Silks, which is closer to the Mylapore tank in the Luz Bazar is another well known shop for Kanjivaram silk sarees & cotton sarees.

Dance Jewellery in Mylapore Shopping Market

Shops for dance costumes, dance jewellery and other dance accessories can be found near the Kapaleeshwara Temple. Shanti Tailors store and Sukra, the silverware shop stock dance jewellery.

Therefore, classical Indian dancers usually stop by in this area to fulfil their dance costume requirements.

Furthermore, “GIRI trading” which specialises in all things spiritual such as deities, puja articles and religious music CDs is a popular shop for devout Hindus.

Consequently, Kanjiavarm silk sarees, Temple jewellery and puja items are best purchased in this Chennai Shopping Market.

City Centre Mall

mylapore city center mallThe City Centre Mall in Chennai is close to the Kapaleeshwara Temple.

The Chennai City Center shopping mall in Mylapore, has a multiplex, a food court and the Lifestyle department store.



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